Saturday, June 15, 2019

Ways to make money from home

Are you looking for ways to make money from home?  I have scoured the internet, talked to friends and family, and my own experience to give you some ideas.

Two companies that you all know; Avon and Tupperware.  Both are still going strong today.  My Grandma used to sell Avon back in the day and she made pretty good money doing it, too.  Tupperware basically offers the same payments plans as Avon, you get a percentage of what you sell and  deep discounts on what you buy as a consultant.  I know all of us have purchased something from Avon and Tupperware.

What special skills do you have that you can market?  Are you a good photographer with a top notch camera?  Do you know how to start a photography business? Buy a few photo props and get started.  You can make accounts on social media outlets to advertise.  I see these a lot in online yard sale groups on Facebook.  You can start by posting pictures you have already taken. I personally know someone that charges a $50 sitting fee for a 30 minute session.  You can photograph kids, weddings, Holidays, pregnancies, the list is endless.  This can be a very profitable work from home business.

I know a lot of people that have started their own boutique business.  They buy trendy clothes at wholesale prices and sell them for a profit.  I have even bought a few clothing items myself from these boutique businesses and been quite pleased.  When you can work from home, you set the hours YOU want to work.  With the boutique type business, you can have a certain time of day you post pictures of the items you have for sale and people will comment that they want to buy that item. You can even do this one or two days a week. You send an invoice and when they pay, you ship the item to them.  You can do this on Facebook or set up a marketplace on a blog using Shopify or many others selling tools like it.

If you are a Mom that wants to stay home with the kids, perhaps you would like to provide daycare in your home for other children.  With the cost of daycare ranging from $150 to $200 week for one child, that is definitely a way you can work from home and make money.  You need to check with you state's Department of Human Resources to see how many kids you can keep if you are not certified.  Or, if you want to be a certified daycare, you can find all the information you need to start!

Make sure when you decide that you want to work from home that you have a marketable skill.  If you do not like selling items and having to deliver, do not sign up to sell Avon.  If you like fashion and are a good stylist that can recognize the trends in fashion, check out the boutique wholesalers.  All of these work from home ideas can make you money, you just have to be willing to do the work.


Sunday, June 9, 2019

How bad credit affects your everyday life

Bad credit.  Those two awful words you hate to hear.   You can still get loans with bad credit, but your interest rate will be much higher.

Everyone has a reason when they are told their credit is bad.  Most of us forget to make a payment on time.  Your credit score is impacted by each and every payment you make late. If you want bad credit to turn to good credit, then you must take the necessary steps to bring your credit score to one that is acceptable to lenders.

I know plenty of people that just say, "I'm not paying that", because their payment was late or non existent the month before and now they have been assessed late fees.  A $25 payment can be assessed a $35 late payment fee and now to get current with that creditor you have to pay $60.    If this sounds like you, do not fret.  Call your creditor and ask if they can waive the late fee if you make the payment.  Most of the time, if this is your first time being late, they will waive the late fee.

Time after time, I advise people to just pick up the phone and call your creditor.  I promise they are willing to work with you so you can get your debt paid off to them. They do not want you to have bad credit. They want you to pay off your debt, so you can have more debt with them.Your credit score and your bad credit impacts so many things in your life.  Many employers will run a credit check on you and if you have bad credit, you won't get that job.  Your car auto and home insurance rate is based on your credit worthiness. Renting or leasing a new home or apartment often requires a credit check.   If you have less than perfect credit, you will not get that place.  Or, if you do, you are often times charged a higher deposit or higher rent

I think the group of people that are self employed have the hardest time getting a loan.  Why is this?  Most creditors can verify employment  through pay check stub or knowing the minimum pay scale for your job.  Self employed loans require so much more .  You need several years of tax returns to show you are making a profit. They want income statements, profit and loss statements to assure you are credit worthy.  The risk to creditors for those that are self employed seem to be high. Miss a payment while you are self employed and your credit score tanks and creditors are less likely to make any loans to you.

If you have been denied a loan due to bad credit, you will get a letter staying why.   Check your credit report, there is a possibility of a mistake in your credit file.  If there is, you need to let the credit reporting agency(ies) know.  You can dispute this and get your credit back on track.  There are so many things you can do if you have bad credit,but you have to be willing to do the work to get yor score to one that is favored by creditors.


Sunday, June 2, 2019

Drink To Dad This Father's Day!

Root Out Root Beer Flavored Whisky or known as Root Out Whisky is a blend of the finest root beer flavoring with a smooth Canadian blended whisky that is aged for four years in American Oak barrels from bourbon generating a rich, root beer flavor with a hint of vanilla. My dad loved Root Beer and so do I. I wish my dad had gotten to try this he would have loved it! Root Beer Whiskey was a must for our Father's Day celebrations! I like Root Beer and my husband likes Root Beer and Whiskey. What a great idea Root Out Root Beer Flavored Whisky!


Friday, May 31, 2019

Lucky Fortune Friday is here!

Our friends at WowWee provided me with these samples to review.  These Lucky Fortune collectible accessories are so adorable.  They are recommended for ages 6 and over and have a suggested retail price of $3.99.  You can find them at Walmart, Claire's and Amazon.  They will also soon be available at Target, Kohl's, Five Below and Walgreens.

These fortune cookies are made of plastic, but when you open them up you will still find the traditional paper fortune inside.  But you will also find a surprise lucky charm bracelet.  There are over 100 charms that you could get, with different levels of rarity.  You might even get the ultra lucky and rare gold dipped charm.  Yes, you might be lucky enough to get a charm the is dipped in real gold.  

Wear them as you collect them, the more the better.  Give them as gifts and trade with your friends.  Try to collect them all!  

You can buy these in single packs (which contains 1 Toy Cookie, 1 Surprise Bracelet and 1 Paper Fortune) or in a special 4 pack box, which has 4 of the singles inside of it.  So go ahead and pick some up and add to your luck today!
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